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St. Louis Women's Society

The purpose of the St. Louis Women's Society is to increase the holiness of its members and interest the women of the parish in all affairs and undertakings of the parish, for their own good and for the good of the parish.

All women of St. Louis Parish, at least 18 years of age, abiding by the laws of the church, shall be eligible for membership.

Dues are 25 cents monthly, paid monthly or 1 year in advance. There is a $1 membership fee.

Every member should be willing at all times to work for the good of the parish and should actively help at all affairs sponsored by the society.
The St. Louis Women's Society meets the first Tuesday of every month from September to June at 7 PM. A typical meeting agenda is covered in fourty-five minutes and is followed by a social that ends by 9 PM.

A typical meeting agenda is as follows:

   1. Meeting Called to Order
      Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance
   2. Roll Call
   3. Secretary's Report
      Minutes of Previous Meetings and Correspondence
   4. Treasurer's Report
   5. Standing Committee Reports
      Sick and Social
   6. Old Business
   7. New Business
   8. Door Prize
   9. Hostess for Next Meeting
  10. Mystery Prize
  11. Father Speaks
  12. Meeting Adjourned
      Social Hour to Follow

The St. Louis Women's Society has sponsored the following activities:

    * Harvest Bake Sale - proceeds to benefit the church fuel fund
    * Annual Christmas Fair and Bazaar - proceeds to benefit church coffers
    * Holiday Mini-Fair
    * Women's Society Christmas Pot Luck and gift swap party
    * Christmas play refreshment donations
    * Oplatek Supper - members help in food and table preparation, provide desserts, and handle ticket sales
    * Valentine's Day Bake Sale - proceeds replenish the society's coffers
    * Swienconka Dinner - members help in food and table preparation, provide desserts, and handle ticket sales
    * May Family Breakfast for parishioners and friends
    * Clothes Sales - benefits church
    * Women's Society Annual Banquet

Society members invite and encourage new activities and ideas that bring together parishioners and friends in support of religion and church.

Working for the church is a labor of love.

President - Pennie Kinney
Vice President - Ginnie Konan
Secretary - Marianne Koceiko and Theresa Mancini
Treasurer - Dottie Lawrence