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Parish Address:
St. Louis R.C. Parish
279 Danforth Street
Portland, ME 04102
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Mailing Address:
307 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101

Parish Administrator:
Rev. Louis Phillips
Cell: 207-446-1012
E-mail: Louis.Phillips@portlanddiocese.org

Parochial Vicars:
Fr. Richard C. McLaughlin
Phone: 773-7746 x109
Cell: 207-994-5341
E-mail: Richard.McLaughlin@portlanddiocese.org

Fr. Michael Seavey
Phone: 773-7746 x106
E-mail: Michael.Seavey@portlanddiocese.org

Fr. Robert C. Vaillancourt
Phone: 773-7746 x111
Cell: 207-551-7974
E-mail: Robert.Vaillancourt@portlanddiocese.org

To contact the parish office and the priests now serving the Portland Peninsula Cluster parishes, including St. Louis parish, please call Mary or Lynn at the Cathedral office at 773-7746, or visit the office at 307 Congress Street (8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Mondays through Fridays). Also, please call Mary or Lynn to request Mass intentions, make arrangements for baptisms, weddings, funerals etc., and to obtain information about the parish. All the records from St. Louis have been moved to the Cathedral.

St. Louis Pastoral Council Representatives:  
Representing American Community Penny Kinney: 799-3878
  Chris Sprague
Representing Polish Community Małgosia Boothby
  Małgosia Sobieraj
  Dorota Olaru
Worship and Spirituality Committee: Michelle Bernier (michele.bernier@portlanddiocese.org)
  Małgosia Sobieraj
  Robert Konczal
  Barbara Benemerito
Finance & Property Committee: Denis Lafreniere (denis.lafreniere@portlanddiocese.org)
Faith Formation Representative: Robert Konczal
President of St. Louis Women’s Society: Pennie Kinney: 799-3878
Knights of Columbus: Lee Kimball
Polish Classes for Adults: Kasia Rapkiewicz Tasarz: 773-3616
Polish Classes for Children: Bunia Sławiec: 608-3027
Music Ministry: Jacek Sławiec (8am Mass): 608-3026
  Tamara Konczal (11:30am Mass)
Webmaster: webmaster@stlouischurch.net